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April 29, 2008[personal] Busy here..Initial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
April 29, 2008[personal] Walking talking healthcare bluesInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
April 30, 2008[personal] StretcherCamInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 1, 2008[personal] More things I have learned in the hospitalInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 1, 2008[locked] A bit more, just for my friendsInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 1, 2008[personal|cancer] I really go all the way to celebrate a book releaseInitial presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
May 2, 2008[cancer] mePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 2, 2008[poll] Cancer funniesOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 2, 2008[cancer] Conversations with the_childOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 2, 2008[cancer] Medical updateInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 2, 2008[cancer] Why I love doctorsOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 3, 2008[cancer] Time goes by at the speed of lifePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 3, 2008[cancer|photos] Pictures from an exhibitionistPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 3, 2008[cancer] Being patient in public with the big, magic cancer hatOthers responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 4, 2008[personal|cancer] Taking the last train to the coastPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 4, 2008[cancer] The production book; or, how shaving took me half the way thereInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 5, 2008[cancer] FearPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 5, 2008[cancer] Wrapped in loving armsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 6, 2008[cancer] Off to the surgical consult todayInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 6, 2008[cancer] We have a surgery dateInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 7, 2008[personal] It's Wednesday, do you know where your colon is?Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 7, 2008[contest] Cancer funnies winnerOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 8, 2008[cancer] The Door That Never Opens TwicePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 8, 2008[personal|cancer] The day that wasInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 9, 2008[cancer] "I was waiting on the pad / all systems were go"Personal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 9, 2008Jay updateInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 9, 2008Guest Blog: Punning in RecoveryInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 11, 2008[cancer] I’m baaaaackInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 11, 2008[cancer|videos] IV CamInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 11, 2008Guest Blog: Jay Lake and the Amazing Robotic BedInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 11, 2008Life on the hillInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 13, 2008[cancer] New adventures in pain managementInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 14, 2008[cancer] Walker CamInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 14, 2008[cancer] I’m going to liveInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 14, 2008[cancer] Now, 100% catheter free!!!Initial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 14, 2008[funny] IntrusionsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 14, 2008[cancer] Hallway CamPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 15, 2008[cancer] The things you see in the hospitalPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 15, 2008[cancer] Discharge CamInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 17, 2008[personal] Important safety tipPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 18, 2008[contest] kenscholes has a contest about meOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 18, 2008[photos] Portrait of the author as a middle-aged cancer patientPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 18, 2008[cancer] Department of weird sensations I'd never have thought to experiencePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 19, 2008[cancer] Being a drug puppetPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 20, 2008[cancer] Recovering the floors of my colonPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 20, 2008[cancer] "Help, I'm stuck to my underwear"Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 21, 2008[cancer] Things I have learned from having cancerPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 22, 2008[cancer] Some things work, some not so muchInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 22, 2008[cancer] The formal staging of my cancerInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 24, 2008[cancer] If patience is a virtue, and virtue is its own reward, how come I'm not rich?Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 26, 2008[cancer] The journey of a thousand lifetimes begins with a single stumblePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 28, 2008[writing] Getting darned near back to workPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 29, 2008[cancer] My back is my saddle againInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 29, 2008[cancer] The journey of my tumorOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 31, 2008[cancer] The Great Dead SpotInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 1, 2008[cancer] Prank calls from Mother NatureInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 2, 2008[cancer] Kicking the habitInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 2, 2008[cancer] Report from the sick roomInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 2, 2008[cancer|politics] InsuranceInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 3, 2008[cancer] Up all nightInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 4, 2008[cancer|personal] Busy days and wasted nightsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 4, 2008[cancer|personal] Semirandom updateryPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 5, 2008[cancer] To sleep, perchance to dreamPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 5, 2008[cancer|personal] Driving in my car…Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 12, 2008[writing|personal] Miscellaneous updateryPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 13, 2008[cancer] Minor but important medical updatePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 17, 2008[cancer] Genetic test resultsInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 19, 2008[books|cancer] You guys…Others responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 23, 2008[personal|cancer] Sleeping with the enemyPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 26, 2008[cancer] A bit of an updateInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 4, 2008[cancer] “Is this concrete all around me, or is it in my head?”Personal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 6, 2008[personal] Update-o-Rama, with bonus medical TMIPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 7, 2008[cancer] The IQ testsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 8, 2008[cancer] A few small updatesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 8, 2008[personal] Flat in the middle with youPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 15, 2008[personal] More updatery of various sortsInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 17, 2008[cancer] A tiny bit more post-op followupInitial presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 20, 2008[travel] Lafayette, I am somewhereOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 26, 2008[cancer] Coming back from an invisible edgePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 27, 2008[cancer] The gifts of cancerPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 3, 2008[photos] (Sort of) The Vedauwoo HikePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 14, 2008[cancer] More gratitudePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 18, 2008[photos|cancer] The Omaha Cancer Survivors’ ParkPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 21, 2008[personal] “Still waking up in the mornings with shaking hands”Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 26, 2008[funny] Tastes like chicken, notOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
September 27, 2008[photos|cancer] The Jay Lake Tumor Memorial StatueOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
October 19, 2008[cancer] Redefining myselfPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 11, 2008[process] The inner mind of the writerPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 27, 2008[personal] What I am thankful forPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 2, 2008[personal] Living inside my bodyPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 3, 2009[food] Would you like some statin drugs with that, sir?Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 7, 2009[personal] Living each day as if it were your lastPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 28, 2009[personal|culture] On bad newsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 31, 2009[personal] A bit more on weight and dietPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 6, 2009[cancer] FlashbacksPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
March 9, 2010[personal] Ain’t no change in the weatherPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 10, 2009[cancer] A brief return of The FearPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
March 19, 2009[cancer|awards] HugosPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 3, 2009[cancer] Return of the FearPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 4, 2009[cancer] Why I talk about the Fear, and about cancer in generalPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 21, 2009[cancer] The Fear pays me a visitPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 28, 2009[cancer] Dreams of darker daysPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 4, 2009[personal] Back to the ERSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 4, 2009[personal] Blocked, phawSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 5, 2009[personal] Not out of the woods yetSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 5, 2009[personal] Doing the ER boogieSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 5, 2009[personal] Home from the hospital in one pieceSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 11, 2009[cancer] The Fear, nibblingPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 11, 2009[writing] Pinion progress, of a sortSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 13, 2009[cancer] There’s a fog in the lowlandsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 13, 2009[personal] The evening looks upSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 14, 2009[cancer] Getting ready to goSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 14, 2009[cancer] Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the car bombSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
May 14, 2009[writing] Pinion effort postponed a bitPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 15, 2009[cancer] A bit of personal history, for newer readersPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 15, 2009[links] Link salad takes the day off to enjoy the fruits of nuclear sciencePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 15, 2009[cancer] Department of giant, radioactive spidersSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 16, 2009[personal] Saturday unfoldsSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 17, 2009[cancer] Where the heart goes when the head doesn’t knowSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
May 18, 2009[cancer] Back to cancerlandSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
May 18, 2009[cancer] Some good newsSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
May 19, 2009[cancer] Today’s state of the JayPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 20, 2009[cancer] A social diseasePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 22, 2009[cancer] By circuitous paths information accrues, being an updateSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
May 25, 2009[cancer] Slow dancing with the FearPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 28, 2009[cancer] The waiting gamePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 29, 2009[cancer] Second opinion timeSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 3, 2009[personal] Troll season has openedOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 9, 2009[personal] A day endsSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 10, 2009[cancer] Lies, damn lies and statisticsSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
June 11, 2009[cancer] Moving on through the systemSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 11, 2009[cancer] Live ghost walkingPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 12, 2009[cancer] Like a coral reefPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 12, 2009[cancer|personal] Witch incomingPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 13, 2009[cancer|books] Oncologist and the Green readingSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 13, 2009[cancer] A visit with the oncologistSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
June 14, 2009[travel|cancer] The next few stepsSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 14, 2009[cancer] The edges in my headPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 16, 2009[cancer] Early morning thoughtsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 17, 2009[writing] EndurancePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 20, 2009[cancer|writing] Enduring with EndurancePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 21, 2009[cancer] Wonder Twins Power Activate: Form of a Form!Second presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 22, 2009[cancer] Big pink hammer hanging over my headSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
June 24, 2009[personal] Grids, the falling off thereofSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 29, 2009[cancer] White tube bluesSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
June 30, 2009[cancer] No one expects the Spanish InquisitionPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 30, 2009[cancer] The Magic 8-BallSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 1, 2009[cancer] A bit more progress (or not)Second presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 2, 2009[cancer] Top 10 reasons why cancer is like the zombie apocalypsePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 2, 2009[cancer] And so it goesSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 3, 2009[calendula|cancer] Points North, and the weekendPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 5, 2009[writing] Endurance progriss riport, day 20-22Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 6, 2009[cancer] Getting narrowerPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 9, 2009[personal] SiiiickSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 12, 2009[cancer] Things I am afraid ofPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 12, 2009[cancer] Some days you fly, some days you fryPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 14, 2009[cancer] The magical land of health insuranceSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
July 14, 2009[cancer] They found my oncologist on the coverage listSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 17, 2009[travel] And so I am away (with bonus updatery)Second presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 17, 2009[writing] Endurance progriss riport, day 33Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 19, 2009[personal] Catching up to the weekendSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 20, 2009[cancer] CT scans todayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 20, 2009[cancer] CT scan-o-ramaSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 20, 2009[writing] A new collaborative novel projectPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 22, 2009[cancer] Off to the doctorSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 22, 2009[cancer] Cautious OptimismSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
July 27, 2009[cancer] Off to the oncologist todaySecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 27, 2009[cancer] More optimism, less caution, no chemo for nowSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
July 28, 2009[cancer] A wee bit of updatery anent my mental statePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 29, 2009[cancer|calendula] Just a bit more inside my headPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 31, 2009[cancer] How do I get through the bad bits?Personal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 25, 2009[personal] Non-cancer healthPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
September 29, 2009[cancer] An interim update, in which our hero does nothing muchPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
October 12, 2009[travel] Off to LA, open question threadPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
October 13, 2009[cancer] Fear, moving like a slow tidePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
October 19, 2009[cancer] Three maps, one road; and the FearPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
October 20, 2009[cancer] Melting from stressPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
October 21, 2009[cancer] Just a bit morePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
October 22, 2009[cancer] The price of a single bananaSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
October 26, 2009[cancer] A door opens, a door shutsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
October 26, 2009[cancer] Dept of things you never thought you’d say -or- Things get worseSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
October 27, 2009[travel] Out of herePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
October 28, 2009[cancer] Tears fall down like missiles from the skiesPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 2, 2009[cancer] Slogging forwardPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 3, 2009[cancer] Home, looking aheadPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 4, 2009[cancer] The sexuality of cancerPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 5, 2009[cancer] Seeing the surgeon todayPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 5, 2009[cancer] Excising the nacho; or; the surgical planSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
November 6, 2009[cancer] So now what?Personal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 7, 2009[cancer] Heading toward the nacho-ectomySecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
November 9, 2009[cancer] Visiting the patientPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 10, 2009[cancer] The frame of mind begins to narrowPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 10, 2009[cancer] My inner rebel speaksPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 10, 2009[art|cancer] Call for masksPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 11, 2009[travel] The day that wasn’tPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 12, 2009[cancer] A brief note on stressPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 15, 2009[cancer|personal] Crossing the streamsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 17, 2009[cancer] Crossing the RubiconPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 17, 2009[cancer|writing] Commitments – some met, some shedPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 18, 2009[personal|cancer] RandomosityPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 20, 2009[personal|cancer] Counting down the daysPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 20, 2009[cancer] GenerosityOthers responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 22, 2009[personal] Early turkey and sweetness by roadPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 23, 2009[cancer] Closing inPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 24, 2009[cancer] Almost therePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 25, 2009[cancer] I may be some timePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 27, 2009[cancer] Still in hospitalSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
December 1, 2009[cancer] Just dropping by to see what condition my condition is inSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
December 1, 2009[photos] Your Tuesday moment of zenSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
December 3, 2009[photos] Your Thursday moment of zenSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
December 3, 2009[cancer] Beginning to blog the experience - the Ninja MomentPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 3, 2009[cancer|photos] More on love and surgeryPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 4, 2009[cancer] Trying to put things into perspectivePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 5, 2009[photos|cancer] Caption contestPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 5, 2009[cancer] Reclaiming my hourSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
December 6, 2009[cancer] Let the medical TMI beginSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
December 7, 2009[cancer] Monday update, and miscellaneous other thingsSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
December 7, 2009[personal] The phone call that would not diePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 7, 2009[cancer] Update on cancer, surgery and chemotherapySecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
December 8, 2009[cancer] A bit of an update on today’s festivitiesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 8, 2009[cancer] Paging Baron Harkonnen to the operating theatreSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
December 11, 2009[cancer] Emerging from the fogSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
December 15, 2009[cancer] DepressionPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 16, 2009[cancer] More surgery todayPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 17, 2009[cancer] Zombie hair, and a Harkonnen heart plugPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 17, 2009[photos] I am a cookieOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 18, 2009[photos] The zombie hair, photographic evidence thereofPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 18, 2009[personal] What’s nextPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 18, 2009[photos] My hair, wavy for onceOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 19, 2009[personal|cancer] Getting through another tough nightPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 21, 2009[personal|cancer] More reflections, plus sex!Personal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 21, 2009[cancer] More about sexPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 22, 2009[cancer] Learning to live with limitations, and why I talk about it so muchPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 23, 2009[cancer] The dread and fear of thingsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 23, 2009[polls] Caption contest voting poll, Nachoectomy editionOthers responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 23, 2009[cancer] More sex, and other mysteriesPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 24, 2009[cancer|religion] Atheism, cancer and mePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 24, 2009[cancer] A little bit more on sex and chemoPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 25, 2009[personal|travel] Christmas, and what followsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 26, 2009[personal] The Day After ChristmasPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 27, 2009[cancer] Life changes, the smaller kind; potty talk editionPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 27, 2009[cancer] at 7 pm, a main hatchway caved in; he said fellas it’s been good to know yaPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 28, 2009[cancer|personal] Walking, thinking, God again, and a bit of scavengingPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 30, 2009[contests] We have a winnerOthers responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 30, 2009[personal] This and that, and an old year fadingPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 31, 2009[personal] Obligatory year in review post for 2009Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 3, 2010[cancer] Sometimes you hit the wall, sometimes the wall hits youPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 4, 2010[cancer] The magical power of health insurance to sap the soul and drain the mindPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 6, 2010[cancer] State of the Jay, as of chemo day -2Second presentationLiveJournalWordPress
January 7, 2010[cancer] What’s my life worth to you?Personal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 7, 2010[cancer] The chemo ritualPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 8, 2010[cancer] The dawn of infusion day, the first of twelveSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
January 8, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, the first couple of hoursSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
January 8, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy: Keucovorin, Oxaliplatin, and spoonsSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
January 8, 2010[photos|cancer] SpoonsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 8, 2010[cancer] On to calciumSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
January 8, 2010[cancer] Done at the infusion centerSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
January 8, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, wrap up on day one of session onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 8, 2010[cancer|funny] Things my addled brain forgot in the day’s wrap upPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 9, 2010[cancer] A note on spoonsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 9, 2010[cancer|photos] Chemotherapy, in picturesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 9, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, the overnight and day 2 experiencePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 9, 2010[cancer|photos] Making art out of misery, love and spoonsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 10, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, the overnight and day 3 experiencePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 10, 2010[photos|cancer] Removing the chemo needle from my chest portPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 10, 2010[cancer|photos] The chemo bottle ritual, 1 of 12Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 11, 2010[personal|cancer] The day after concluding chemo session onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 11, 2010[cancer] Food issuesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 13, 2010[cancer] A bit more on food, and what’s nextPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 15, 2010[personal|cancer] What rough Friday slouching toward the weekend waiting to be bornPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 16, 2010[personal|cancer] Another mixed updatePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 16, 2010[personal|cancer] A wrap on the dayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 18, 2010[cancer] Living in the chemo modePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 19, 2010[cancer] Nobody told me I’d have teeth like thisSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
January 20, 2010[personal] Wednesday updatesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 20, 2010[cancer|writing] This is my brain on chemoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 22, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, the first two weeksSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
January 22, 2010[cancer] Healthcare reform, and a question for my conservative friendsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 22, 2010[cancer|funny] Scenes from an infusion centerPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 23, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day one of session twoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 24, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day two of session twoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 25, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day three of session twoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 26, 2010[cancer] Chemo and its discontentsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 26, 2010[cancer] HCR, one conservative and meOthers responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 27, 2010[cancer] Side effect bingoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 28, 2010[cancer|personal] Sleep fail and other details of lifePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 29, 2010[cancer|conventions] Schedules, short term and longPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 30, 2010[personal|cancer] The day that wasPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 31, 2010[writing|cancer] Brain, brain, what is brain? Revising while on chemoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 1, 2010[cancer] Just a dream before I goPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 2, 2010[cancer] Chemo side effects bingo, updatedPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 3, 2010[cancer] Another tough nightPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 4, 2010[cancer] The mighty sleep hammer of medical chemistryPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 4, 2010[cancer] Heading into the third infusionPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
February 4, 2010[publishing] A bit more on Amazon and Macmillan, and a temporary hiatus on my partPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 5, 2010[photos] Chemo this and chemo thatPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 5, 2010[publishing] Macmillan print titles back on Amazon as of Friday afternoonPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 5, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day one of session threePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 6, 2010[cancer] The lighter side of darkness, or, why I don’t live in the shadowsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
February 6, 2010[publishing] Amazon, Gillette, cross-subsidies and supply chain integrationPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 7, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy session three, day twoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 7, 2010[photos] Unhooking, and the bottle ritualPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 8, 2010[cancer] A wrapper on chemo infusion session threePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 8, 2010[publishing] Amazon vs Macmillan, the $9.99 price point, and market forcesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 9, 2010[cancer] To sleep, perchance not to sleepPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 9, 2010[cancer] Another day in the trenchesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 10, 2010[cancer] Sacrifices made for me by the petty gods of chemoPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
February 10, 2010[cancer] Peripheral neuropathy and emotional anatomyPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 11, 2010[cancer|personal] Sometimes I win onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 11, 2010[cancer] Losing bits of ground to enemy actionPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 12, 2010[cancer] More new symptoms, and a very strange dreamPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 12, 2010[cancer] Very nearly lost it todayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 13, 2010[cancer] Less sleep, more failPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 14, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy: it’s just like the masochism tango!Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 14, 2010[personal] Valentine’s DayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 15, 2010[cancer] A wrap on the weekend, and a couple of lessons learnedPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 15, 2010[cancer|funny] Presented without further commentPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 16, 2010[cancer] All quiet on the westering frontPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 17, 2010[cancer] A good day, but…Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 18, 2010[cancer] Another quiet(ish) dayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 18, 2010[personal|cancer] And the days go by on DagobahPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 19, 2010[cancer] Another infusion day dawnsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 20, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day one of session fourPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 20, 2010[cancer] Chemo dreamsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 20, 2010[movies] Tweetsnarking David Lynch’s DunePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 21, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day one of session fourPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 21, 2010[photos] Infusion session 4, the needle removal and the chemo bottle ritualPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 22, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day three of session fourPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 22, 2010[cancer] The long and grinding roadPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 22, 2010[cancer] Life’s problems, department of other peoplePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 23, 2010[cancer] More on the weird billing, and costs of healthcarePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
February 23, 2010[writing] A story, this morningPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 24, 2010[cancer] Side effects bingo, department of signaling errors and self-tuningPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 25, 2010[cancer] Recovery curvesPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
February 25, 2010[cancer] Shedding day has passed, and I have writtenPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 26, 2010[cancer] Another decent day, progressing toward the weekendPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 26, 2010[cancer] The transient illusion of competencyPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
February 26, 2010[movies] Tweetsnarking Luc Besson’s The Fifth ElementPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 28, 2010[cancer] The chemo, it burnsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 28, 2010[chemo] The burning continues, much like Nero’s RomePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 1, 2010[cancer] Chemo dreams, reduxPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 1, 2010[cancer] More on the mouth; and my hair, oh my hairPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 2, 2010[cancer] Brief updatery on mouth and hair and other stuffPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 2, 2010[politics] Common sense and governmentPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 3, 2010[photos] Your Wednesday moment of zenPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 3, 2010[cancer] Feeling a bit betterPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 3, 2010[photos|cancer] Taking the hair off … all of itPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
March 3, 2010[sale] “Her Fingers Like Whips, Her Eyes Like Razors” to PostScriptsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 5, 2010[conventions] Rain Forest Writers Workshop, Day 1Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 5, 2010[cancer] Side effects down to a dull roarPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 6, 2010[conventions] Rain Forest Writers Village Day 2Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 7, 2010[cancer] HairOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 8, 2010[cancer] Bald heads and sick kidsOthers responsexLiveJournalWordPress
March 8, 2010[cancer|writing] Side effects updatery, and I nearly have bookPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 8, 2010[cancer] SolidarnośćOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 8, 2010[writing] To fail well…Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 9, 2010[writing] Endurance, and future projects updatePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 9, 2010[cancer] Vacation from hell continues, for a few more daysPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 9, 2010[cancer] The brain, she fades oddlyPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 10, 2010[cancer] To sleep, to sleep, my little black sheepPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 11, 2010[cancer|personal] Infusion, and a carPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 12, 2010[cancer] Off to the infusion centerPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 12, 2010[photos] Blake Hutchins does the sympathy shaveOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 12, 2010[photos] A new hat, for chemo funOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 13, 2010[cancer] Infusion session five, day one; plus miscellanyPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 14, 2010[cancer] Chemo infusion session 5, day 2Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 14, 2010[cancer] Chemo, sex, Viagra and mePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
March 14, 2010[photos] Infusion session 5, the needle removal and the chemo bottle ritualPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 15, 2010[cancer] Infusion session five, day three, with commentaryPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 16, 2010[cancer] Another day in paradisePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 17, 2010[cancer] Writing, sleep, sheddingPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 17, 2010[process] Privileging the extrovertsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 18, 2010[cancer|writing] Writing through cancerPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
March 18, 2010[cancer] Side effects update, the (largely) good kindPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 19, 2010[cancer] SleepPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 20, 2010[personal] SickPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 21, 2010[personal|cancer] Still sickPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 22, 2010[politics] My initial thoughts on HCR, and some related linksPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
March 22, 2010[cancer|personal] Weekend updatePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 22, 2010[cancer] A recap of my cancer history, for those who have tuned in since the beginningPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
March 23, 2010[cancer] The Tuesday reportPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 24, 2010[cancer|personal] More sick, more writingPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 25, 2010[personal|cancer] State of the Jay, one day pre-chemoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 25, 2010[cancer] Counting the heparin injectorsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 28, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day one of session sixPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 28, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day two of session sixPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 28, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day three of session sixPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 29, 2010[cancer] The roughest chemo infusion weekend yetPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 30, 2010[cancer] Yesterday suckedPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 30, 2010[personal] It never rains but it pours around herePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 30, 2010[personal] More medical crapPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 31, 2010[personal|family] More medical updatesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 1, 2010[cancer|personal] Various updatesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 2, 2010[cancer] Side effects wrap-up for this weekPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 3, 2010[cancer|personal] You feel the devil’s riding crop; or at least I doPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 4, 2010[cancer] Another rough day in cancerlandPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 5, 2010[cancer|personal] The weekend that was, the week that will bePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 6, 2010[cancer] BetterPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 7, 2010[cancer|personal] Nearly to chemo infusion number sevenPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 8, 2010[cancer] Infusion tomorrowPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 9, 2010[cancer] Rough couple of days, in which I am someone I really don’t want to bePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 10, 2010[cancer] Infusion session seven, day one, in picturesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 11, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day two of session sevenPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 11, 2010[photos|cancer] Infusion session seven, the needle removal and the chemo bottle ritualPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 12, 2010[cancer] Wrapup on infusion sevenPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 13, 2010[cancer] Not much to sayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 13, 2010[writing] Progriss riportPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 15, 2010[personal] OversleptPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 16, 2010[cancer|personal] The post-chemo week, and the weekend to comePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 17, 2010[personal] Dancing the hospital two-step, againPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 18, 2010[cancer] Sometimes you lose big, in small waysPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 18, 2010[cancer|personal] I wish I could believe the universe was out to get mePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 19, 2010[cancer|personal] And the crises roll on; plus a disquisition into my dreamsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 19, 2010[personal] A bit more on my momPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 20, 2010[cancer|personal] UpdateryPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 21, 2010[cancer] Quick updatePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 22, 2010[cancer|personal] Wind, the sucking thereofPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 23, 2010[personal] Medical follies, family editionPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 24, 2010[personal|cancer] Medical updates from several quartersPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 25, 2010[cancer] Infusion session 8, days 1 and 2Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 25, 2010[cancer] Infusion session eight, day threePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 26, 2010[personal] State of the JayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 27, 2010[cancer] An update and an overviewPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 28, 2010[cancer] To sleep, perchance to fricking sleep some morePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 29, 2010[cancer|process] Fatigue and writingPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 30, 2010[process] Time, choices, and the virtues of a boring lifePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 1, 2010[photos] A hat, and some hairOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 2, 2010[cancer|personal] More postcards from the Other LandsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 2, 2010[photos] The chemohawkPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 2, 2010[cancer] In which I am once again defeated by lifePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 3, 2010[cancer] Another week, heading into infusion session ninePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 4, 2010[cancer] Some calmPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 4, 2010[writing] Miscellanea and a salePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 5, 2010[cancer] Sometimes you win small, in big waysPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 6, 2010[cancer] Oh, god, the dreams, make them stopPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 8, 2010[photos] Infusion session nine, day onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 9, 2010[cancer] Infusion session nine, day twoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 10, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day three of session ninePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 11, 2010[cancer] More roughnessPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 12, 2010[cancer] Current state and looking forwardPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 12, 2010[cancer|process] Writer’s block, or energy block?Personal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 13, 2010[cancer] MehPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 13, 2010[cancer] This just in: chemo sucks more than everPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 14, 2010[cancer] Wrapping up another work weekPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 15, 2010[cancer] Other than that, how was your day Mrs. Lincoln?Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 16, 2010[cancer] Sleeping the sleep of the ungrateful deadPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 17, 2010[cancer] A little better, some notes on sleepPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 17, 2010[books|cancer] The Specific Gravity of GriefPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 17, 2010[cancer] And she is well enough to comePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 18, 2010[cancer] Fighting to stay awakePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 19, 2010[cancer] Updatery of the usual sortPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 20, 2010[cancer] More updatery, coz that’s what I doPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 21, 2010[cancer] Chemo session ten is on the padPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 22, 2010[cancer] Chemotherapy, day one of session tenPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 23, 2010[photos] The chemoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 23, 2010[photos] Infusion session ten, day threePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 24, 2010[cancer] Sleeping my way through chemoPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 25, 2010[fiction] Catching up to this and thatPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 25, 2010[cancer] Another voice heard fromPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 26, 2010[cancer] Watch out, you might get what you’re afterPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 27, 2010[cancer] ZOMG sleep, and Scalzi’s part in the Lesbian-Zombie WarPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 28, 2010[cancer] The dreams, please…Personal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 29, 2010[cancer] Updates, lessons and the nature of angerPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 29, 2010[child|cancer] The Child asks questionsOthers responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 30, 2010[cancer] The days go by, water flowing undergroundPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 30, 2010[cancer] Pain, discomfort and the discontents of the insulted bodyPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 31, 2010[cancer] Update, and summary of another dreamPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 31, 2010[cancer] On hope, some thoughts to balance painPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 1, 2010[cancer] Another week, a bit of retrospectPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 2, 2010[cancer] There's a fog in the headlandsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 3, 2010[cancer] Continuing fog, with reefsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 5, 2010[cancer] Chemo session eleven, day onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 5, 2010[books] A bit more on The Specific Gravity of Grief, and where I’d like see it goPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 5, 2010[photos] Infusion session eleven, day onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 6, 2010[personal] I think I’m turning 46, I really think soPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 7, 2010[cancer] Infusion session eleven, day three, birthday 46Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 7, 2010[photos] Infusion session eleven, day threePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 8, 2010[cancer] Wasted days and wasted nights…Personal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 9, 2010[cancer] Retreat from the ragged edgePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 9, 2010[cancer] Of ports, scans and the smell of ancient oceansPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 10, 2010[cancer] And lo, I have slept some morePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 10, 2010[cancer|food] What I miss the mostPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 11, 2010[cancer] Holding up my end of the familyPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 12, 2010[cancer] A belated thank youPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 13, 2010[cancer] Saturday-o-ramaPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 13, 2010[writing] The return of FredPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 14, 2010[cancer] Sometimes it’s all about the grumpPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 15, 2010[cancer] Closing in on the last session, a note on my heartPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 15, 2010[cancer] The long, slow hello to normalcyPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 16, 2010[cancer] It’s all in the details, Mr. PresidentPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 17, 2010[cancer] By the fingernailsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 18, 2010[cancer] Going in for the last infusion of this cyclePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 18, 2010[chemo] Infusion session 12, day onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 19, 2010[cancer] Infusion session twelve, day onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 19, 2010[photos] Infusion session twelve, day onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 20, 2010[cancer] What the oncologist has said, coming off of chemoSecond presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
June 20, 2010[photos] Chemo infusion session 12, day 3 – the last unhookingPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 21, 2010[cancer] A day to remember, days to look forward toSecond presentationLiveJournalWordPress
June 22, 2010[cancer] Coming down is hardPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 23, 2010[cancer] Forget Roger Daltrey, I hope I get old before I diePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 23, 2010[cancer] OiPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 24, 2010[cancer] Sliding into home, but they keep moving the platePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 25, 2010[cancer] GI follies redux, the lighting of tunnelsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 26, 2010[cancer] I don’t want to talk about itPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 27, 2010[personal|cancer] Mixed updates, with lightly scattered photosPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 28, 2010[cancer] A lovely if somewhat fundamental parting gift from my chemoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 29, 2010[cancer] Slowing down the avalanchePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 30, 2010[cancer] All is quiet on the Southern frontPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 30, 2010[cancer|personal] For one brief, shining moment, I was myselfPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 1, 2010[cancer] A much better dayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 2, 2010[cancer] An abbreviated user’s guide to the chemotherapy experiencePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 2, 2010[personal] Plans, plans, plansPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 3, 2010[cancer] Partying like it’s 2010, because who knows what tomorrow bringsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 3, 2010[photos] Shave and a haircut, to bitsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 4, 2010[cancer] My state of independencePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 8, 2010[writing] WritingPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 9, 2010[cancer] Trials and tribulations and recoveriesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 10, 2010[personal|cancer] Running up the scorePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 11, 2010[cancer] Life, ftwPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 12, 2010[cancer] The slow return of the FearPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 12, 2010[process] The virtue of slowness, -or- peed skillsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 13, 2010[writing] Project updatesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 13, 2010[cancer] Hand, hand, fingers, thumbPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 14, 2010[cancer|personal] Sleep is for the weakPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 15, 2010[cancer] Captain, we’ve sighted normal on the horizonPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 16, 2010[writing] Schedules, the minor miscalculations thereofPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 16, 2010[cancer] Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3, 40%Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 17, 2010[cancer] CT or not CT, that is the questionPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 18, 2010[personal] Stuff and thingsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 18, 2010[food] Making breakfast, Austin stylePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 19, 2010[cancer] Almost time to go back to the wellPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 19, 2010[cancer] You feel the devil’s riding cropThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 19, 2010[cancer] I have seen the future, brother, and it is murderThird presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
July 20, 2010[cancer] The breaking of the ancient Western codePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 20, 2010[cancer] A confusing developmentThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 21, 2010[cancer] Now is the summer of our discontentThird presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
July 22, 2010[personal] Updatery of various sortsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 26, 2010[cancer] Progriss RiportPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 27, 2010[cancer] The feet, the futurePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 28, 2010[cancer] Work, society and mePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 29, 2010[cancer] More random observations, post-chemoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 29, 2010[culture] The politics of American healthcarePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 1, 2010[cancer] Again with the copingPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 2, 2010[cancer] Class privilege and chemotherapyPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 3, 2010[personal|cancer] Running roughPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 4, 2010[travel] Away, awayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 7, 2010[cancer] Walking through the valley of the shadow of metastasisPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 9, 2010[personal|cancer] Shambling toward an uncertain futurePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 10, 2010[cancer] Fear and loathing in El LagoPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 10, 2010[cancer|writing] All-way stopPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 11, 2010[cancer] Life’s only a metaphor anywayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 11, 2010[cancer] Having met with the liver surgeon…Third presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
August 12, 2010[cancer] Melting down like an ice cream cone on an August sidewalkPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 13, 2010[writing] Endurance, and what comes afterPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 13, 2010[cancer] Dipping from the wells of disappointmentPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 13, 2010[cancer|travel] Some good news, for a changePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 14, 2010[personal] Write, read, livePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 15, 2010[personal] Miscellaneous updateryPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 16, 2010[personal|cancer] Trying to keep upPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 17, 2010[cancer] A pair of semirandom listsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 18, 2010[personal] Disclaimer: This post lacks wit or wisdomPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 19, 2010[cancer] Time for another alien abduction experiencePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 20, 2010[personal] Miscellaneous updatery is all part of my rock and roll fantasyPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 20, 2010[cancer] The saucer brought me home, colonoscopy all goodPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 21, 2010[personal] Sleeping it off, walking and talking our way into the new dayPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 22, 2010[personal] A blinding rush through mudPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
August 24, 2010[personal] Fatherhood in the time of cancerPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
August 25, 2010[travel] Off today to the antipodes, forward all my mail to the South SeasPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
September 2, 2010[conventions] AussieCon 4, Day OnePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
September 11, 2010[personal|cancer] Getting back on the horsePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
September 13, 2010[cancer] The recovery curve intersects with the catastrophe curvePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
September 15, 2010[cancer] Heading back under the knifeThird presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
September 15, 2010[culture] Scenes from an oncology unitOthers responsexLiveJournalWordPress
September 15, 2010[cancer] Surgery detailsThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
September 16, 2010[cancer] Off into the deep darkThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
September 16, 2010Signal BoostThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
September 21, 2010[cancer] Home from the hospitalThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
September 22, 2010[cancer] Post op, but not post enough op yetThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
September 22, 2010[cancer] Liver biopsy was cleanThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
September 23, 2010[cancer] Flipping the bone yoyoThird presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
September 24, 2010[cancer] Bad liver, good lifeOthers responsexLiveJournalWordPress
September 24, 2010[cancer] Back to the hospitalThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
September 25, 2010[cancer] Home from the hospital (again)Third presentationLiveJournalWordPress
September 26, 2010[cancer] Home, recoveringThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
September 27, 2010[cancer] Recovering more, and damned glad of itThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
September 27, 2010[cancer] Two more brief recovery notesThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
September 28, 2010[personal] TransitionsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
September 29, 2010[cancer] Sleep, emotions, healing and lifePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
September 30, 2010[cancer|personal] Updatery of various sorts, miscellaneous and elsewisePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
September 30, 2010[cancer] The living dream of waterPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
October 1, 2010[cancer] Back to the doctor todayThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
October 1, 2010[cancer] Post-operative followup and what comes nextThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
October 4, 2010[cancer] Getting so much better all the timeThird presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
October 5, 2010[personal] Out in the evening, and a storyPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
October 7, 2010[personal|cancer] A wee bit more updateryPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
October 13, 2010[cancer] Reverb, echoes and bad behaviorPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
October 14, 2010[cancer] Coping with the emotions, a bit more thereonPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
October 15, 2010[cancer] Looking back and forwardPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
October 24, 2010[personal] Life in the pressure cookerPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
October 25, 2010[personal|cancer] Worn, very wornPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
October 25, 2010[cancer] Post-operative scans are clearThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
November 9, 2010[conventions] OryCon programmingPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 11, 2010[cancer] The last surgery, for nowThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
November 13, 2010[books|writing] Kalimpura Progriss Riport, More ThereofPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 13, 2010[cancer] The port removalThird presentationLiveJournalWordPress
November 16, 2010[cancer] The clock in my headPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
November 18, 2010[cancer] Just when you thought it was safe…Personal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
November 26, 2010[cancer|personal] The black dog barksPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
December 2, 2010[personal] A note on my health and my professional availabilityOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 7, 2010[writing] And when the dam breaks open…Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 19, 2010[sale] Novelette “A Long Walk Home” to Subterranean OnlinePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 20, 2010[personal|photos] First post-chemo haircut, and a radio playPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 22, 2010[personal] Updatery of various sortsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
December 31, 2010[personal|cancer] The cost of living, or at least not dyingPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
January 4, 2011[personal] Learning experiences at the Science Pub, dreaming my night awayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 13, 2011[personal] Stuff and thingsPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 14, 2011[personal|cancer] Doggedly I trudge, aimless as a ScudPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 24, 2011[interviews] Another reader interview with mePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
January 24, 2011[cancer] The oncology follow-up visitPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 2, 2011[cancer] Status checkPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
February 2, 2011[cancer|travel] The hidden costs, courtesy of United AirlinesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 2, 2011[personal] Anonymity in commentsOthers responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 10, 2011[cancer|personal] Brain, brain, what is brain?Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
February 14, 2011[cancer] Coping with the futurePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
February 28, 2011[photos|personal] Hiking Cape HornPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 17, 2011[travel] Such a day, and it’s not even 4:30 am yetPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 23, 2011[writing] Sunspin carries onPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 24, 2011[cancer] Seeing it from the other sidePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
March 25, 2011[personal|cancer] The good news and the badPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
March 26, 2011[travel|conventions] Upcoming schedulePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
March 28, 2011[cancer] More visits to the hospitalPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
March 29, 2011[personal|cancer] This and that and Edith ThrockmortonPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 3, 2011[cancer] The return of the Fear, and the Child steps upPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 4, 2011[interviews] Yet another reader interview with mePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 6, 2011[personal|cancer] Energy and healthPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 8, 2011[personal|cancer] Thoughts and condolencesPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 11, 2011[travel|personal] Home in the darkPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 13, 2011[cancer] The further return of the FearPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 14, 2011[cancer|writing] Bill Grim’s progressPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 15, 2011[child] She just keeps growing upPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 18, 2011[personal|cancer] Oncology follow up appointment todayFourth presentationLiveJournalWordPress
April 18, 2011[cancer] Here we go againFourth presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
April 19, 2011[cancer] Beginning the journey, againFourth presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
April 20, 2011[personal|cancer] Readings, colds and conventions, with a side of heavy PETtingPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 21, 2011[travel] Off to NorwesconPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 22, 2011[personal|cancer] Minor updateryFourth presentationLiveJournalWordPress
April 23, 2011[conventions|cancer] Norwescon Day 2, the PET scanFourth presentationLiveJournalWordPress
April 24, 2011[conventions|personal] Congoing, homegoingPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 25, 2011[cancer] Settling into a different mindPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 26, 2011[travel] My forthcoming schedule, revisedPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 26, 2011[cancer|writing] Vapor lock clears, a littlePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 27, 2011[cancer] My theory of problemsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 27, 2011[cancer] Quick updatesPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 28, 2011[writing] Kalimpura back on the keyboardPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 28, 2011[cancer] Meeting with the surgical oncologistFourth presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
April 29, 2011[cancer|photos] Owning the pain through tattoosPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
April 30, 2011[personal] Another day flows pastPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
April 30, 2011[cancer] What I think I hate the mostPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 4, 2011[conventions|awards] Hosting the HugosPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 4, 2011[cancer] Becoming the invisible manPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 9, 2011[cancer] Flying into the forbidding futurePersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 10, 2011[cancer] Hair and bodyPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 11, 2011[personal|cancer] Brief, miscellaneous updateryPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 12, 2011[cancer] Healthcare WeirdnessPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 12, 2011[photos|cancer] My hairPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 13, 2011[cancer] Off to the infusion centerPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 14, 2011[cancer] Chemotherapy session 1, day 1 – FOLFIRIPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
May 15, 2011[cancer] Chemotherapy session 1, day 2 – FOLFIRIPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 16, 2011[cancer|photos] Chemotherapy session 1, day 3 – FOLFIRIPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 17, 2011[cancer|personal] More fun post-chemoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 18, 2011[cancer] Day three, post-chemo session onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 19, 2011[cancer] Doing the chemo bounceback fandangoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 20, 2011[cancer] Chemo, almost a week later, Shedding DayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 22, 2011[personal|food] Laying low, eating ThaiPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 23, 2011[cancer|personal] Hood River, digestion and mePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 24, 2011[cancer] On the good weekPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 27, 2011[cancer] Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to chemo I goPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 28, 2011[cancer] Chemo session two, day onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 29, 2011[cancer] Chemo session two, day twoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 30, 2011[cancer] Chemo session two, day threePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
May 31, 2011[cancer] Chemo session two, day threePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 3, 2011[cancer] And so it goesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 4, 2011[cancer] International Fuck Cancer DayOthers responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 8, 2011[cancer] Catching up to the side effectsPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 10, 2011[cancer] Off to the infusion center for session 3Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 10, 2011[cancer] Failed my blood test, no chemo todayPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 11, 2011[cancer] Thinking through chemofailPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 16, 2011[personal|cancer] UpdateryPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 18, 2011[cancer] Chemo session three, day onePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 19, 2011[photos] Coloring my chemo headPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 20, 2011[cancer] Chemo Session ThreePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 21, 2011[cancer] Sliding out of chemo session three of twelvePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 25, 2011[conventions] Buzzing through the Locus AwardsOthers responsexLiveJournalWordPress
June 27, 2011[writing|cancer] Miscellaneous updatery hits summertimePersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 29, 2011[writing] A bit of this, a bit of thatPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
June 30, 2011[cancer] Off to see the lizardPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 1, 2011[cancer] Needle hoPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 2, 2011[cancer] The chemo dozerPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 3, 2011[cancer] Chemo urrghPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 4, 2011[cancer] Chemo session fourPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 4, 2011[travel] And in the height of idiocy…Personal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 6, 2011[cancer|personal] Energy and focusPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 10, 2011[cancer] Living with the results of chemoPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 11, 2011[travel] The joys of flying as a cancer patientPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 12, 2011[cancer] A bad night and a busy day/weekPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 13, 2011[cancer|personal] Another bad nightPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 15, 2011[conventions] A travel day and an excellent dinnerPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 17, 2011[cancer] The forthcoming surgeryFourth presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
July 18, 2011[cancer] On invisibilityPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 18, 2011[process|cancer] Bookus interruptusPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
July 19, 2011[cancer] SurgeryFourth presentationxLiveJournalWordPress
July 19, 2011[cancer] Surgery UpdateFourth presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 19, 2011Post-Op Update (courtesy Glass Wing)Fourth presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 19, 2011From ICUFourth presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 20, 2011[cancer] Alive, well and living in the hospitalFourth presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 21, 2011[cancer|photos] The new incisionFourth presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 22, 2011[cancer] Post-op day 3Fourth presentationLiveJournalWordPress
July 24, 2011[cancer] Coming out of the hospitalPersonal responsexLiveJournalWordPress
July 25, 2011[cancer] Home Sunday with my suturesPersonal responseLiveJournalWordPress
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